Fort Knox Hydro

Fort Knox Cannabis Corporation is the world's premier cannabis cultivator. Unfortunately, due to federal law prohibiting the cultivation and distribution of cannabis, we are unable to take you into the gold mine. Please support the United States Medical Marijuana Chamber of Commerce as we free the weed for the jobs we need!

Please visit the USMMCOC to learn more:

The Spinner


What We Do

The USMMCOC strives to educate the government and general public on why we need to Tax, Regulate and Control the Cannabis Industry in the United States. We strive to educate on the economical advantages as well as the medical benefits.

Who It Benefits

  • Cultivators and Distributors of Cannabis
  • Doctors who prescribe Medical Marijuana
  • Patients who consume Medical Marijuana
  • Attorneys who represent Medical Marijuana patients

To Learn More

Visit www.USMMCOC.com